1885 - 2010
The oldest Pastel Society in the world.

Where is the Art of Pastel in France? 

Pastel artists saved the Art of Pastel.

In 1789 the French Revolution banned the art of pastel, then regarded as the art of the nobility.

In 1885 the pastel artists reacted by creating the Société des Pastellistes. Thanks to the talents of artists like Degas, Puvis de Chavannes, Besnard, Levy, Helleu Gerveix, Mary Cassatt, Chenet, and many talented artists, the art of pastel has enamored new art lovers . The art critic Felix Feneon notes ... "Pastel revives success ... the fans love''again ..." is also a great revival of the subjects..."

In 1929, with the death of the President Henry Gerveix, Contemporary Art was considered a minor art, and the art of pastel disappears shortly before the Second World War.

Pastel artists mobilizie again to save their Art.

In 1984, the Society of Pastelistes is reborn under the name Société des Pastellistes de France, and engages in a "cultural crusade'' organizing exhibitions with prestigious international Pastel Societies and foreign pastel professionals from 25 nations.

The Art of Pastel moves again for the conquest of new art lovers.

Its "International Exhibitions" in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Compiegne, Bordeaux, the "Festival International du Pastel" in Feytiat, the "Estivales Internationales du Pastel" in Saint-Florent-le-Vieil, "Le Salon International de l'Ile de France “ in Yerres villes in Charenton are regarded by art lovers and collectors as "the most beautiful events dedicated to the Art of Pastel"

It creates the first "European Congress of Artists Pastelists'' in Paris which proves to be a success, expected by many European artists, amateurs and professionals.

In 2009, in his editorial Gauduchon David, Chief editor of "Practical Arts'' magazine notes ..." Undoubtedly, the art of pastel has shown a great vitality today. The image of a mode of expression fallen into disuse by some ... relegated to the rank of minor arts, seems to be a fact. Time passes and fashions pass away ... it is interesting to note how these sticks of pigment ... have not lost their luster and now occupy front page in the art scene '...

The Société des Pastelists de France is aware that much remains to be done for the art of pastel to regain its prestige.

In 2010, the next Festival in Feytiat, Estivales Saint in Florent Le Vieil and the "Salon International de l'Ile de France" at Charenton,  the Society organized an exhibition "Discover the Art of Pastel in partnership'' with the city of Verres, and the second "European Congress of Pastelists '' in partnership with the City of Saint Florent le Vieil, educational events to inform the public and to discover and develop future talent.

The Société des Pastellistes de France continues the Pastelists "Crusade''!
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Jean-Pierre Merat
President de la Société des Pastellistes de France
18 bis, Avenue Vauban 93250
Tél: 01 48 54 94 09
Pavillion des Pasrellistes - Exposition Universelle 1889
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School Paris 11th  District
Every Thursday afternoon from 2 to 6pm

School Paris 15th District
Every Saturday afternoon from 2 to 6pm

School Charenton le Pont / Paris
Every Tuesday from October to June, except holidays

During the festivals and exhibitions the Society organizes high level seminars tought by a team of Master Pastellists French and foreign.